Syria: Double injustice: prisoners of conscience detained beyond expiry of their sentences

This report highlights the cases of six prisoners of conscience, Fateh Jamus, ‘Isam Dimashqi, Basel Hurani, ‘Abd al-Halim Rumieh, Ratib Sha’bu and Doha ‘Ashur al-‘Askari. They were accused of membership of Hizb al-‘Amal al’Shuyu’i, the Party for Communist Action (PCA), although there is no evidence to suggest that either the party or these individuals have ever used or advocated violence. They were sentenced by the SSSC to prison terms ranging between six and fifteen years after grossly unfair trials, and continue to be detained beyond expiry of their unjust sentences. All reportedly suffer from serious health problems as a result of torture, ill-treatment, and lengthy detention in appalling prison conditions.

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