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Israel and the Occupied Territories: Musa Mahmud Dawud Muhajinah - administrative detention

, Índice: MDE 15/053/1991

Musa Mahmud Dawud Muhajinah, a 20-year-old man from the Jenin area of the West Bank, was arrested in January 1991 and later issued with a 12-month administrative detention order. This is the third time he has been detained in this way. He has appealed twice against his detention. At the first hearing in July 1991 the authorities alleged that he was a major activist in the intifada. The second hearing was postponed several times, eventually being held on 14 October 1991 and resulted in the reduction of the period of detention by 23 days. Musa Muhajinah is reported to be in need of an operation on his spleen and also to suffer from a leg injury. He is currently held in Ketziot detention centre, where, AI believes, medical facilites are limited.

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