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Further information on UA 248/90 (MDE 13/09/90, 15 June and follow-ups MDE 13/10/90, 27 June, MDE 13/12/90, 13 July, MDE 13/02/91, 18 January, MDE 13/07/91, 29 April, and MDE 13/08/91, 23 July) -Iran: prisoners of conscience / fear of torture / unfair tri

, Índice: MDE 13/009/1991

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: MDE 13/09/91
Distr: UA/SC
28 August 1991
Further information on UA 248/90 (MDE 13/10/90, 15 June 1990) and follow-ups
MDE 13/10/90, (27 June 1990), MDE 13/12/90, (13 July 1990), MDE 13/02/91, (18
January 1991), MDE 13/07/91, (29 April 1991) and MDE 13/08/91 (23 July 1991)
- Prisoners of Conscience/Fear of Torture/Unfair Trial and HEALTH CONCERN (new
IRAN: Ali Ardalan
and Dr Habibollah Davaran Mohammad Tavassoli Hojati
Abdolali Bazargan Hashem Sabbaghian
Khosrow Mansourian Nezameddin Movahed
Akbar Zarinehbaf Abol Fazl Mir Shams Shahshahani
Amnesty International is concerned at reports of recent developments regarding
the situation of Ali Ardalan. He is one of nine prisoners of conscience, arrested
in June 1990 in connection with a critical open letter addressed to President
Rafsanjani, who were recently brought to trial. Although the prisoners have
not been informed of the outcome of their trial, reports indicate that Ali
Ardalan, who is in his mid-seventies, has received a three-year prison sentence,
which would begin on the date of the court judgment rather than the date of
Unconfirmed reports indicate that the prisoners were required to sign
statements condemning their past activities at the end of their trial. Ali
Ardalan apparently refused to do this. Subsequently he was transferred to the
Joint Committee building in Tupkhaneh Square, central Tehran, where he is
believed to be held in isolation and in poor conditions. There are fears once
again for his health, in view of Ali Ardalan's age and history of cardiac
FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Telegrams/telexes and airmail letters:
- urging that Ali Ardalan is given immediate and regular access to adequate
medical care;
- seeking clarification of the trial procedures and whether the nine prisoners
named above had access to lawyers for their defence, and the exact charges
levelled against them.
- expressing concern at the continuing imprisonment of Ali Ardalan and the
eight other prisoners tried with him and urging their immediate and
unconditional release as prisoners of conscience.
His Excellency Hojjatoleslam
Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani
[Salutation: Your Excellency]
The Presidency
Palestine Avenue
Azerbaijan Intersection
Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
Telegrams: President Rafsanjani, Tehran, Iran
Telexes: 214231 MITI IR; 213113 PRIM IR
(marked for the attention of President Rafsanjani)
His Excellency Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi
[Salutation: Your Excellency]
Head of the Judiciary
Ministry of Justice
Park-e Shahr
Islamic Republic of Iran
Telegrams: Justice Minister, Tehran, Iran
Telexes: 214231 MITI IR; 213113 PRIM IR
(marked for attention Head of the Judiciary)
Hojatoleslam Ali Fallahian
[Salutation: Dear Minister]
Minister of Information
Ministry of Information
Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
Telegrams: Information Minister, Tehran, Iran
Telexes: 212450 EXT IR; 212600 EXT IR; 214242 EXT IR
(please forward to the Minister of Information)
H E Ali Akbar Velayati
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Sheikh Abdolmajid Avenue
Kooshk-e Mesri
Islamic Republic of Iran
and to diplomatic representatives of Iran in your country.
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat,
or your section office, if sending appeals after 9 October 1991.

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