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Further information on EXTRA 49/93 (EUR 59/01/93, 24 May and follow-up EUR 59/03/93, 15 October) - Moldova: legal concern / death penalty: Ilie Ilascu, Alexandru Lesco, Tudor Petrov-Popov, Andrei Ivantoc, Petre Godiac, Vladimir (Viaceslav) Garbuz

, Índice: EUR 59/005/1993

On 9 December 1993 the Supreme Court of the self-proclaimed Dnestr-Moldovan Republic (DMR) sentenced Ilie Ilascu to death and his five co-defendants to prison terms ranging from two to 15 years. The six had been accused of terrorist acts. AI is concerned that the six men may not have received a fair trial and were reportedly sentenced without right of appeal. AI is also concerned about reports suggesting that some were initially denied a defence lawyer and beaten or otherwise ill-treated to exact confessions. All but Vladimir Garbuz pleaded not guilty and withdrew any confessions on the grounds that they had been made under duress.

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