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Kazakstan: Death sentences of four men

, Índice: EUR 57/008/1997

Oleg Gorozashvili, Mashitov (first name unknown), Bogatyrenko (first name unknown), Berik Darzhanov: Oleg Gorozashvili, whose death sentence for murder was upheld by the Supreme Court in July 1996, could be executed at any time, despite concern that he was reportedly denied access to a defence lawyer while initially being interrogated. His appeal to the Presidential Clemency Commission was turned down on 25 December 1996. Mashitov was sentenced to death by the West Kazakstan Regional Court on 13 August 1996. His appeal is before the Presidential Clemency Commission. Bogatyrenko was sentenced to death on 5 July 1996 by the Pavlodar Regional Court. His case will go before the Clemency Commission in the near future. Berik Darzhanov was sentenced to death in December 1996 by Aktyubinsk Regional Court. No further information is known, but his case is presumed to be pending consideration by the Supreme Court. Amnesty International is calling for all four sentences to be commuted.

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