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EERAN 21/91: Yugoslavia: Appeal to protect prisoners and non-combatants (further to EERAN 18/91, 7 August 1991)

, Índice: EUR 48/017/1991

Amnesty International is deeply concerned about reports from war zones in Croatia of the killings of captured civilians and members of the security forces and of torture and ill-treatment of prisoners. Reported incidents include the death of 22 people from Cetekovac area on 4 September as result of an attack by Serb insurgents; the deaths of a large number of Croatian police and civilians in the village of Dalj on 1 August; the killing of five Croats from the village of Lovinac on 5 August; the killing of three Croatian farmers from the village of Pecki on 16 August; the killing of 21 Serbian villagers on 22 August in the villages of Kinjacka, Cakle and Trnjani; the killing of two Serbs 27 August and the death in detention of Cedomir Biga, a Serb, on 2 September

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