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EXTRA 97/92 - Turkey: fear of torture / death in custody: Sukru and Habip Yilmaz, Irfan and Salih Solak, Bahri Gitmez, Serhat Baytar, M Sirin Dogan, Resul Balta, Ebubekir Gunes, Nuri, Tahsin and Haci Adlik and Ramazan Altunsoz (died in custody on or about

, Índice: EUR 44/117/1992

Those named above were taken into custody on various dates since 16 October 1992 and are now held at Batman Police Headquarters. Relatives and lawyers have been refused access to them. Sukru Yilmaz was previously detained in March 1992, after which he made a complaint about torture to which he was allegedly subjected; no action appears to have been taken on the complaint. Ramazan Altunsoz was detained on 21 October 1992. After a week in incommunicado detention he was treated in hospital for gastritis and returned to the police for further interrogation. On 31 October his body was returned to his family. The official medical cause of death was given as haemorrhage of the lungs and acute gastritis but his family photographed bruises and other marks on his body.

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