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Further information on EXTRA 58/94 (EUR 44/111/94, 4 October) - Turkey: fear of torture: Kaya Mustakkaya, Metin Yavuz, Nevzat Sagnic, Gurbet Adibelli, Neslihan Goktepe, Songul Diribas, Naciye Koc, Izzettin Koc, Zahide Kisanan, Mehmet Kisanan, Murat Satik,

, Índice: EUR 44/114/1994

Hamza Yilmaz, lawyer and president of the Human Rights Association in Mersin, was permitted to speak with Riza Dinc on 5 October 1994. He has reported that Riza Dinc claimed to be undergoing serious mental and physical torture and that it was clear from his appearance that he had indeed been tortured.

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