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Further information on EXTRA 101/93 (EUR 44/110/93, 19 November) - Turkey: fear of torture / legal concern: Husniye Olmez, Meral Danis Bestas, Mesut Bestas, Sebahattin Acar, Baki Demirhan, Sinasi Tur, Arif Altunkalem, Nevzat Kaya and new names: Vedat Erte

, Índice: EUR 44/112/1993

Three more lawers have reportedly been detained in Southeast Turkey. They are: Edat Erten, Tahir Elci and Niyazi Cem.here were detained by officers of the Anti-Teror Branch while attending the State Security Court. The President of the Bar Association in Diyarbakir was refused access when he applied to see the detained lawyers, who are active in defending Kurdish defendants standing trial in the State Security Courts.

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