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EXTRA 86/92 - Turkey: fear of torture: Mohammed Ali Akgul, Hasan Aldur

, Índice: EUR 44/108/1992

Mohammad Ali Akgul and Hasan Aldur, both Kurds aged about 18, were detained on 19 October 1992 and have been held incommunicado ever since. Both have been detained previously: they and close relatives from the village of Mizizeh, Mardin province, were detained in May 1992 and released about three weeks ago. They were allegedly severely tortured in detention. The latest arrests took place after a wedding in the village during which PKK guerrillas allegedly appeared and briefly took a man prisoner. Seven truckloads of soldiers arrived in the village around 19 December and detained 12 villagers, including the above-named. Ten were released on 23 October. AI fears that Mohammed Ali Akgul and Hasan Aldur are being interrogated under torture in incommunicado detention.

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