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EXTRA 55/94 - Turkey: fear of torture: Murat Demir, Ahmet Duzgun Yuksel, Fatma Yaman, Gulcan Tagiz

, Índice: EUR 44/106/1994

Lawyers Murat Demir and Ahmet Duzgun Yuksel were detained on 27 September 1994 along with two women who were visiting their offices. It is believed that the four are being held at the Anti-Terror Branch of Ankara Police Headquarters, although the Anti-Terror Branch have denied holding them. At the time of the arrest, the lawers were preparing to submit a file concerning their client, Dursun Karatas, to the French Embassy. Dursun Karatas, allegedly a founder of Devrimci Sol, is in custody in France. AI fears that the four people named above may be tortured in police custody.

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