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Further information on EXTRA 71/92 (EUR 44/79/92, 24 August and follow-up EUR 44/80/92, 25 August) - Turkey: fear of torture: Fatma Gulten Sesen, Sultan Celik, Ufuk Demirkaya, Solmaz Tartar, Sirin Celik, Gulay Tan, Turan (surname unknown to AI), Yasa Guze

, Índice: EUR 44/082/1992

AI has been informed that two of the above-named, 45-year-old Fatma Gulten Sesen, owner of Mucadele newspaper (female) and 50-year-old Sultan Celik (female) have been tortured. The information came from people detained at the same time for another reason. The alleged torture during interrogation is said to have included hanging by the wrists and electric shocks. Signs of ill-treatment were confirmed by lawyers who were allowed to see the detainees. The detention period of all the above-named has been extented to 15 days by decision of the prosecutor. AI fears that they are at risk of further torture while being interrogated in Adana Police Station.

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