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EXTRA 73/92 - Turkey: fear of torture: Saadik Cilik, Nuray Erdem, Mehmet Karabulut, Nurdan Odabas, Serdar Akat, Ozkan (surname unknown to AI), Attila Sabanci, Fatma Cicek, Latif Tiftikci, Nuri Eryuksel, Etem Elma, Siral Demiral, Ayce Idil Erdem

, Índice: EUR 44/081/1992

The above-named, all artists working at the Ortakoy Cultural Centre in Istanbul, were detained by police on 24 August 1992 at 9 pm, apparently without any reason being given. Some of them are members of FOSEM, a photography and cinema organization, others are believed to be involved in the production of the cultural magazine TAVIR and others are members of the musical groups Group Yorum and Group Ozgurluk Turkusu. They are currently held incommunicado at the Anti-Terror Branch of the Political Police in Zonguldak. It is feared that they may be interrogated under torture. Mehmet Karabulut, Fatma Cicek and Latif Tiftikci had previously been briefly detained on 11 July 1992 in Istanbul.

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