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Section Level Action on Turkey 4 November 1992: appeal cases

, Índice: EUR 44/077/1992

This paper contains nine appeal cases illustrating the concerns raised in AI's recent report "Turkey - Walls of glass" (EUR 44/75/92). The cases are: the death in police custody of Miktat Kutlu; the killing of journalist Cengiz Altun; the alleged killing of Songul Karabulut and Fikri Keles by police; the beating of President of the Turkish Human Rights Association in Van, Yavuz Binbay, by police; the alleged shooting by the security forces of 15-year-old Kurd Nihat Cilasun; the alleged torture by soldiers of 16- year-old Sevki Akinci, a Kurd; the alleged rape and torture of a pregnant midwife/nurse, Nazli Top, by Istanbul Police; the alleged killing by security forces of journalist Izzet Kezer; the killing of Yakup Kara, mayor of Hilal, and four other villagers.

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