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Turkey: Further information on fear of torture: Huseyin Aksoy, Zohre Aksoy (f), Kiraz Ozcan (f), Emine Akcan (f), Ismet Dursun, Osman, Ahmet Mete Kekec, Resit Guleryuz, Seyda Gul (f), Huseyin Demirli, Tacim Simsek, Muruvvet Gunel (f), Sukru Tas, Kemal Yad

, Índice: EUR 44/030/1995

Kemal Yadirgi, Ismet Kursun, Huseyin Aksoy, Seyda Gul and Huseyin Demirli were formally arrested on 13 january 1995 and are now in Sagmalcilar Prison awaiting trial. All the others named above were released. The Istanbul Chief of Police maintained on 16 January 1995 that the released detainees were not ill-treated in detetention but AI has received a testimony from one prisoner, reproduced here, describing the torture inflicted on him.

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: EUR 44/30/95
Distr: UA/SC
13 February 1995
Further information on EXTRA 03/95 (EUR 44/05/95, 10 January 1995) - and
follow-up: EUR 44/08/95, also 10 January 1995 - Fear of Torture
TURKEY Hüseyin Aksoy _eyda Gül (female)
Zöhre Aksoy (female) Hüseyin Demirli
Kiraz Özcan (female) Tacim _im_ek
Emine Akcan (female) Mürüvvet Günel (female)
_smet Dursun _ükrü Ta_
Osman ..... Kemal Yad_rg_
Ahmet Mete Kekeç Hüseyin Toprak
Re_it Güleryüz
Kemal Yad_rg_, _smet Dursun, Hüseyin Aksoy, _eyda Gül and Hüseyin Demirli were
formally arrested on 13 January and are now in Sa_malc_lar Prison awaiting
trial. All others were released.
On 16 January, Necdet Menzir, Istanbul Chief of Police, replied to a member
of the Urgent Action network: "Hüseyin Aksoy, Zöhre Aksoy, Tac_m _im_ek,
Mürüvvet Günel, _ükrü Ta_, Kemal Yad_rg_, _eyda Gül, Hüseyin Demirli, Kiraz
Özcan, Emine Akcan, _smet Durson, Ahmet Mete Kekeç were brought to the
Anti-Terror Branch because of their activities in the illegal Revolutionary
Communist Party of Turkey. During their period of detention, they were not
subjected to any ill-treatment".
After his release, krü Ta_ gave Amnesty International the following account:
"I was detained on 5 January 1995, early in the morning - they broke down the
door. They were plainclothes police with automatic weapons and some had body
armour. They beat me up and took me and my wife in. After two hours we were
taken to Gayrettepe [Istanbul Police Headquarters]. They raided other houses.
No weapons were found in any of the houses. My wife was released the following
day, but I stayed in police custody until 13 January.
The interrogation, the taking down of statements and similar activities went
on upstairs from the police cells. Torture took place somewhere below the cells.
The place where torture happened was wet underfoot and smelled badly of
excrement. They hung me by the arms seven or eight times. They bound my forearms
together behind my back with a thick material. Sometimes they hung me high
with my feet off the ground, sometimes low with the tips of my toes just touching.
When I passed out they took me down and brought me round with cold water. Of
course, I was completely naked and blindfolded. They also laid me down and
beat me on the soles of the feet. They attempted to rape me with a truncheon
- by pushing it against my rectum. They squeezed my testicles. They also pulled
my hair. The torture sessions mainly took place at night, but also towards
the evening. The interrogators said, 'We do not want to torture you, but you
give us no choice. Make a statement, do not make it hard for yourself'. I
explained that I could not admit something that I had never done.
Everybody who was detained was at least beaten, as far as I know. _eyda Gül
and Hüseyin Demirli were suspended by the arms, and Kemal Yad_rg_ was tortured
too. The women were sworn at and sexually harassed. I heard Ismet Dursun shouting
and screaming several times. When I met him on the way to the toilets his eyes
were bruised and he told me that he had been tortured very badly. He could
not make his way to the toilet on a couple of occasions, and I helped.
The torture took place in the first days of detention. On 13 January I was
brought before the State Security Court prosecutor. I complained to the
prosecutor that I had been tortured. He asked why they should do such things
to me. I said he should ask them. When he asked if I wanted to make a formal
complaint against them, I said that I did, and he wrote this down. I was then
taken to a doctor in the State Security Court building. He said 'Show me any
signs'. He noted that I had some marks under my arm pit, but said that they
were not life threatening.
The following day I asked the prosecutor for a referral to the Forensic Medicine
Institute and I was referred to the branch in Fatih. I was given a medical
report, dated 14 January, stating, 'Examination of _ükrü Ta_ revealed a 2x3cm
purple-violet bruise on the right thigh, and a 3-4 stripe-like hyperaemic marks
under the right armpit. The person says that he cannot raise his right arm...
excused from normal work for 3 days.'
My arms hardly work at all yet - especially my right arm - so I went to the
Treatment Centre of the Turkish Human Rights Foundation. Tests apparently show
that there is damage to the nerves in my right arm. Thanks to the Human Rights
Foundation I am receiving treatment for my arms and for back-ache also caused
by the hanging. I was shocked at being tortured - but on the other hand I knew
when I was being arrested, from what I have read and from talking to other
people detained by the Anti-Terror Branch, that something like this was going
to happen."
A diagnostic report on krü Ta_ by the Istanbul Treatment Centre of the Turkish
Human Rights Foundation dated 18 January 1995 shows evidence of "damage to
the brachial plexus", and states that "the complaints, findings of examination
and diagnosis are consistent with torture".
In response to the claim by Necdet Menzir that he and the others were not
ill-treated, _ükrü Ta_ said: "What a big lie."
FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/faxes/express and airmail
- expressing concern about allegations, supported by two medical reports,
that _ükrü Ta_ was tortured while in custody at Istanbul Police Headquarters
between 5 and 13 January 1995; and that fellow-detainees were also tortured
during the same period;
- urging that these allegations are fully and impartially investigated and
that those responsible for the torture are brought to justice;
- asking to be informed of the outcome of the investigation.
1) Chief Prosecutor at Istanbul State Security Court
Mr Ahmet Köksal
DGM Ba_savc_s_
Devlet Güvenlik Mahkemesi
Istanbul, Turkey
Telegrams: DGM Ba_savc_s_, _stanbul, Turkey
Salutation: Dear Sir
2) State Minister with responsibility for Human Rights:
Mr Azimet Köylüo_lu
06573 Ankara, Turkey
Faxes: +90 312 417 0476
Salutation: Dear Minister
diplomatic representatives of Turkey accredited to your country.
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat,
or your section office, if sending appeals after 13 March 1995.

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