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Turkey: Further information on fear of torture: Kamil Mustak, Bahattin and Mehmet Mustak (his sons), Abdullah Madak, Ahmet Baglan, Mehmet Baglan, Cafer Diri, Mahmut Diri, Mehmet Diri

, Índice: EUR 44/028/1993

Ahmed Baglan, Mehmet Baglan, Cafer Diri, Mahmut Diri and Mehmet Diri were charged and committed to prison allegedly because of weapons found in their village. The others named above, except Mehmet Mustak, were taken to court in Cizre. They were released but Mehmet Mustak's detention was extended by 15 days. He is said to have been severely tortured in detention. AI believes that he is being kept in custody to allow his injuries to heal before appearing before a judge. Bahattin Mustak was also reportedly tortured by police, who allegedly tried to force him to confess to aiding the guerillas of the Kurdish PKK.

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