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TURKRAN 01/92 update no. 1: Turkey: alleged rape and torture in Adana Police Headquarters

, Índice: EUR 44/022/1992

This report updates an earlier paper, EUR 44/06/92, which described the alleged torture and rape of 25-year-old nurse Mediha Curabaz during interrogation in Adana Police Headquarters. Mediha Curabaz's complaint about her alleged torture and rape was heard by the Adana Provincial Administrative Council (Adana Il Idare Kurulu). Since the introduction of the Anti-Terror Law in April 1991, such allegations are automatically referred to these councils, which may include members of provincial government responsible for police affairs. On 2 January the Comission decided that the prosecution of the policemen should be halted due to lack of evidence. The decision reached the complainants four weeks later, making it difficult to meet the deadline for an appeal to the Danistay in Ankara

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