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TURKRAN 04/92: Turkey: Alleged extrajudicial executions in the Southeast: three further cases: Ismail Yigit; M. Selim Aslan, Suleyman Aslan and Abdulaziz Guclu; Besir Algan

, Índice: EUR 44/014/1992

Mehmet Selim Aslan, Suleyman Aslan and Abdulaziz Guclu, two farmers and a night watchman and fathers of large families, were killed in the village of Bahcebasi (Kurdish: Bawarne) on 3 October 1991. Several villagers claim that they heard the car carrying their killers stop at the local commando post to change a wheel afterwards. Ismail Yigit, a farmer and father of eight, was abducted on 28 August 1991 and shot dead on the roadside a short distance from his village of Akagil (Kurdish: Dere). Besir Algan, a farmer and father of five, was reportedly shot and killed by soldiers in Budakli (Kurdish: Kersafe) in May 1990. All three villages have refused to participate in the "village guards" system. Some of the dead allegedly had relatives involved in the activities of the PKK guerrillas.

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