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Further information on EXTRA 101/93 (EUR 44/110/93, 19 November; and follow-ups EUR 44/112/93, 24 November; EUR 44/119/93, 9 December and EUR 44/121/93, 17 December) - Turkey: fear of torture / legal concern: Husniye Olmez, Meral Danis Bestas, Mesut Besta

, Índice: EUR 44/006/1994

Eight of the lawyers named above, Husniye Olmez, Mesut Bestas, Sabahattin Acar, Vedat Erten, Tahir Elci, Selim Kurbanoglu, Imam Sahin and Arzu Sahin are currently in prison. There is a warrant for the arrest of Arif Altunkalem. Amnesty International has received statements made by two of the lawyers who were formally arrested on 11 December and committed to Diyarbakir Prison. Sabahattin Acar and Tahir Elci have both stated that they were tortured in detention during interrogation.

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