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TURKRAN 01/92: Turkey: Alleged rape and torture in Adana Police Headquarters

, Índice: EUR 44/006/1992

Mediha Curabaz, a 25-year-old nurse, was detained on 15 August 1991 and held at the Political Branch of Adana Police Headquarters until 20 August 1991, when she was formally arrested by a local criminal court and committed to prison. While in police custody, she was reportedly severely tortured during interrogation: the alleged torture included rape with an electric truncheon, sexual assault, electric shocks to the nipples and sexual organs, being hung by the wrists, beating and insults. A forensic report issued on 20 August by the Forensic Medicine Institute (Adana Branch) recorded only bruising and grazes on the right arm, although she had requested a gynaecological examination as she was haemorrhaging. Mediha Curabaz has since been acquitted and has filed a complaint

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