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Spain: The alleged ill-treatment and suicide of Jose Luis Iglesias Amaro in Picassent II prison, Valencia

, Índice: EUR 41/001/1994

On 28 February 1994 Jose Luis Iglesias' body was discovered by guards in cell 101 of Block 8 in Picassent II prison. He had been held in isolation and had reportedly hung himself with a noose made from his shoe laces. There have been numerous consistent allegations from fellow prisoners that he had been repeatedly beaten by guards in the days preceding his death. An autopsy carried out on 1 March 1994 confirmed that his death was consistent with suicide, but also noted that there were other injuries to his face and other parts of his body. An independent forensic specialist considered that these were in keeping with the allegations of ill-treatment in the days prior to his death. There was also concern that a prisoner with his mental health record should have been placed in isolation.

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