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Adoption Network for Conscientious Objectors in Europe: France: New adoption cases: Erik Lechardoy, Jean-Francois Lefort, Nikolas Padrones

, Índice: EUR 21/001/1992

AI has adopted Erik Lechardoy, Jean-Francois Lefort and Nikolas Padrones, from the Basque region of Southern France, as prisoners of conscience. They are serving sentences of between 10 and 13 months' imprisonment due to their refusal, on grounds of conscience, to perform military service. All three have been on hunger-strike since 13 May 1992. Erik Lechardoy and Nikolas Padrones have been transferred to Fresnes prison hospital near Paris; Jean-Francois Lefort is being held in Poitiers Prison. AI is calling for the immediate release of all three as prisoners of conscience.

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