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South Korea: Appeal on behalf of Kang Ki-hun

, Índice: ASA 25/013/1992

Kang Ki-hun, a 27-year-old staff member of Chonminnyon (National Democratic Alliance of Korea) was arrested on 24 June 1991. The main charge against him was of aiding and abetting the suicide of Kim Ki-sol, a Chonminnyon staff member who had committed self-immolation on 8 May 1991 in protest against the beating to death of a student during a demonstration in 1991. He was also charged with membership of the banned group Hyoknomaeng (Revolutionary Workers' Federation). Kang Ki-hun denied the charges. This paper reports AI's concern that the evidence relating to his alleged involvement in the suicide may not have been reliable and that he may not have had a fair trial. Kang Ki-hun was found guilty of the charges and sentenced to three years in prison on 20 December 1991.

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