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Open Letter to the Minister of Justice of Japan, the Hon. Nagase Jinen

, Índice: ASA 22/001/2007

In this open letter Amnesty International and the Anti-Death Penalty Asia Network (ADPAN) register their grave concern at the executions of four prisoners (Hidaka Hiroaki, 44, Hiroshima; Fukuoka Michio, 64, Osaka; Akiyama Yoshimitsu, 77, Tokyo; Fujinami Yoshio, 75, Tokyo) which took place on 25 December 2006. They urge the Japanese government to stop further executions; commute all death sentences and impose an immediate moratorium on executions; end secrecy around the application of the death penalty; implement procedural safeguards around the right to life and respect the rights of detainees.

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