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Urgent limited medical letter writing action - USA: death penalty clemency hearing: Danny Doyle

, Índice: AMR 51/124/1992

On 8 December 1992, a clemency hearing is scheduled in Florida for 33-year- old death row prisoner, Danny Doyle. He was convicted in 1981 of rape and murder. His lawyers are arguing for clemency on the grounds of mental retardation. An evaluation conducted in 1991 by Ruth Luckasson, Professor of Special Education at the University of New Mexico concluded that he had an "extremely deficient understanding of the criminal justice system" and was incompetent to stand trial, believing him to have an IQ level well below 65, and a mental age of 6 or 7 years old. Although his mental abilities were questioned at his trial, his appellate attorneys argue that the severity of his retardation was not addressed.

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