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EXTRA 104/93 - USA (Georgia): death penalty: Christopher Burger

, Índice: AMR 51/099/1993

Christopher Burger is scheduled to be executed on 7 December. He was aged 17 and a soldier in the US army at the time of the crime for which he was convicted. He was first sentenced to death on 25 January 1978, but this death sentence was vacated. However he was again sentenced to death in July 1989. A co-defendant, Thomas Stevens, was executed on 29 June 1993. Christopher Burger was represented at trial and at both sentencing hearings by a court-appointed attorney, who failed to provide the jury with mitigating evidence, including the fact that he had suffered a deprived, unstable and abused childhood. The jury was also not told that he had a very low IQ and had mental health problems.

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