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Further information on UA 359/90 (AFR 59/12/90, 11 September 1990) - Uganda: legal concern / torture: Peter EKusai, Abel Olero, Max Opii, Levi Odongo and one other, name unknown

, Índice: AFR 59/013/1990

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: AFR 59/13/90
Distr: UA/SC
5 October 1990
Further information on UA 359/90 (AFR 59/12/90, 11 September 1990) - Legal
One other, name unknown
Amnesty International has learned of the release on 11 September 1990 of Peter
Ekusai, an official of the Uganda People's Congress (UPC), who was arrested
on 30 August 1990. The two other UPC officials arrested with him, Abel Olero
and Max Opii, appeared in court on 26 September 1990 and were charged with
treason. Levi Odongo, also arrested on 30 August 1990, is believed to remain
in detention without having been charged. There is no further information
on the unknown man arrested with the others.
FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Telegrams/telexes/faxes/express and airmail
- welcoming the release of Peter Ekusai;
- acknowledging that charges have been brought against Abel Olero and Max Opii
but seeking clarification of what they are accused of having done and urging
that they be brought promptly to trial;
- seeking clarification of the reasons of the arrest of Levi Odongo and the
unknown man;
- asking where they are being detained and seeking assurances that they are
being humanely treated and that they are permitted to receive visits from their
lawyers, doctors and families;
- urging the government to ensure that Levi Odongo and the unknown man reported
to have been detained with him are not held incommunicado or in secret detention
where they might be at risk from torture or ill-treatment;
- urging that they be released if they are not to be charged with a recognizably
criminal offence and brought promptly to trial.
Prof George Kanyeihamba
Minister of Justice and Attorney General
Ministry of Justice
PO Box 7183
Kampala, Uganda
Faxes: + 256 41 25 8722 (via Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Telexes: 61007 ADMINISTER (Marked: Attn Minister of Justice)
Telegrams: Ministry of Justice, Kampala, Uganda
Mr Ibrahim Mukiibi
Minister of Internal Affairs
Ministry of Internal Affairs
PO Box 7191
Kampala, Uganda
Faxes: + 256 41 25 8722 (via Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Telexes: 61331
Telegrams: Ministry of Internal Affairs, Kampala, Uganda
Dr Paul Ssemogerere
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Foreign affairs
PO Box 7048
Kampala, Uganda
Mr Amama Mbabazi
Director of External Security
Office of the President
Parliamentary Buildings
PO Box 7168
Kampala, Uganda
and to diplomatic representatives of Uganda in your country.
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat,
or your section office, if sending appeals after 8 November 1990.

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