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Sudan: Further information on Fear of Torture

, Índice: AFR 54/001/2001

The eight opposition political activists, Ali al Said, Democratic Unionist Party; Al Tijani Mustafa, Ba'ath Arab Socialist Party; Mohamed Mahjoub, Sudan Communist Party; Joseph Okailo, National Democratic Alliance (NDA); Mohamed Wida Ala, NDA Spokesman; Mohamed Suleiman Mohamed, Trade Union Alliance; Stans Jimmy Wongo, Union of Sudan African Parties; Ibrahim Haj Musa, and two lawyers, Ghazi Suleiman, lawyer, Sudanese Human Rights Group; and Ali Mahmoud Hasanain, lawyer, Democratic Unionist Party, have now been held without charge for over a month, raising grave concern for their safety. They are held without access to their lawyers and no regular access to their families or medical treatment.

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