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Further information on UA 282/91 (AFR 32/26/91, 19 August) - Kenya: fear of torture / legal concern: Paul Amina

, Índice: AFR 32/027/1991


EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: AFR 32/27/91
Distr: UA/SC
21 August 1991
Further information on UA 282/91 (AFR 32/26/91, 19 August 1991) - Fear of
Torture/Legal Concern
KENYA: Paul Amina, journalist
Paul Amina, freelance journalist and former prisoner of conscience, was arrested
by security police at the International Press Centre in Nairobi on Friday 16
August 1991. He was taken to an unknown destination where he was believed
to have been held incommunicado.
Amnesty International has now been informed that he was released from police
custody late on Monday 19 August 1991. He was held at Parklands local police
station in Nairobi, and was questioned at length about his journalistic
activities. Although he was not allowed access to his family or a legal
representative, he was apparently not ill-treated and he was released without
No further action required. Thank you to all those who sent appeals on his

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