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Further information on EXTRA 107/93 (AFR 25/15/93, 17 December and follow-up AFR 25/03/94, 6 January, AFR 25/07/94, 22 February) - Ethiopia: legal concern: arrest of exiles returning for Conference on Peace and Reconciliation: Abera Yemane-Ab and new name

, Índice: AFR 25/011/1994

Abera Yemane-ab, a representative of the exile opposition COEDF party, is still in detention, although the court dismissed the charges against him on 13 April 1994. Elfinesh Kano, a popular Oromo singer, was detained on 31 December 1993 and is currently held in the Central Prison (Karchele) in Addis Ababa. He is reportedly seriously ill due to beatings and denial of medical treatment. AI believes that she is a prisoner of conscience.

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