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Chad: Cases for appeal

, Índice: AFR 20/004/1995

This document consists of four cases for appeal, illustrating AI's main concerns in Chad. The cases are: Adoum Mahamat Saleh, an unarmed civilian extrajudicially executed in January 1994 by members of the security forces; Justin Helkom, 15, and Raymond Djekoudjawa, 16, extrajudicially executed in August 1994 by members of the Garde Republicaine in reprisal for the attempted ambush of some government soldiers by the FARF, an armed opposition group; Yacoub Issaka, sentenced to death in November 1994 for his alleged role in in a massacre: he is not thought to have had proper legal representation at his trial and has no right of appeal; Mahamat Koty Yachoub, detained and allegedly tortured in 1994 by the ANS, Chadian secret police.

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