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This overview was updated on 30 May 2022. Russia began an all-out invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, carrying out extensive military operations marked by war crimes and other violations of international humanitarian law. Using indiscriminate weapons such as cluster munitions in populated...
Europe and Central Asia Censorship and Freedom of Expression

Russia/Ukraine: 10 years of occupation of Crimea Russia is seeking to effect demographic change while suppressing Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar identities

During ten years of occupation, Russia has attempted to reshape the demography of Crimea. It has also suppressed Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar identities through restrictions on education, religion, media, representative institutions, judicial system, and cultural celebrations. Russia must end...
Ukraine Armed Conflict

Demand justice for Ukraine

In 2014, Russia occupied and illegally annexed Ukraine’s Crimea and took control of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. In 2022, Russia began its full-scale invasion, an act of aggression and a crime under international law. For ten years, people in Ukraine have suffered countless atrocities and grave...