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Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories Armed Conflict

Israel and the Occupied Territories: Oral statement to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights on the Israeli Occupied Territories

Amnesty International’s (AI) concerns in the Occupied Territories include large scale use of detention without charge or trial, systematic ill- treatment of detainees and the killing of civilians by the security forces. Existing guidelines on the use of force, particularly those governing the use...
Iran Armed Groups

Iran: Violations of human rights 1987 – 1990

This research paper documents violations of human rights which have taken place in Iran since 1987. It reports widespread arbitrary arrest and detention of political opponents of the regime, unfair summary trials, torture and mass execution of political prisoners and of ordinary criminals. At least...
Cambodia Armed Conflict

Cambodia: Recent human rights developments

Although Amnesty International has been pleased to note that the Cambodian Government has demonstrated an increased committment to protection of human rights, it is still concerned at a number of abuses which appear to be continuing. A government source has revealed that local authorities were...