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Death Penalty

Singapore: Joint statement on scheduled executions

Amnesty International joined 16 other organizations to express its great concern at information that the Government of Singapore has issued at least four execution notices since 12 April 2024. All four notices relate to people convicted of drug related offences; and who appear to be party to a...
Mozambique Armed Conflict

Mozambique: Spotlighting IDPs’ land access issues: Amnesty International’s submission to the national committee on the revision of the land law in Mozambique

On 16 July 2020, the President of the Republic of Mozambique triggered the process of land law reform through a public consultation. The Committee for the Revision of the Law has already produced two draft bills and the final version is due soon. This is Amnesty International’s submission to the...

Comment on ICC-OTP policy on slavery crimes

Amnesty International welcomes the policy initiative of the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to advance accountability for slavery crimes under the Rome Statute and is committed to engaging in this public consultation. It appreciates the commitment by the...