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East Asia Detention

South Korea / Taiwan: letters from prison

This circular contains excerpts from a selection of letters from prisoners to Amnesty International groups. They show the encouragement and support prisoners gain through correspondence with Amnesty International members. Some of the prisoners quoted here remain in prison, while others have been...
East Asia Death Penalty

South Korea: Increased use of the death penalty

Fourteen people are known to have been executed in South Korea in 1990 and at least 16 more are reported to be on “death row”. In 1989, seven people were executed, the first executions since 1987. Five men executed in December 1990 are named in this report. They are: Sohn Oh-sun, Lee...
Cambodia Arms Trade

Cambodia: Update on political prisoners

This document updates “Cambodia: Recent human rights developments” (ASA 23/07/90). Since then, AI has had news of only one release. Some 192 other political prisoners, arrested between 1979 and 1990, have been identified; they may still be held without charge or trial. The names of...