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Uganda Justice Systems

Uganda: The human rights record 1986-1989

When the National Resistance Movement (NRM) took power in January 1986 it declared its commitment to restoring respect for human rights and the rules of law in Uganda. Three years on, this Amnesty International report reviews the NRM government’s human rights record. It describes the appalling...
Torture and other ill-treatment

“Medicine at Risk: The doctor as human rights abuser and victim” A background paper prepared by the Medical Office, International Secretariat, Amnesty International for the meeting: “MEDECINE A RISQUES: RISQUES DE SERVIR LA REPRESSION OU D’EN ETRE VICTIME

1. Introduction. 2. Human rights standards specifically applicable to health professionals. 3. Evidence of the participation of health professionals in violations of human rights. 4. Human rights violations directed against health professionals. 5. The role of professional and other associations in...