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Americas Armed Conflict

Peru Campaign: appeal cases

This document contains 12 appeal cases on human rights violations in Peru. The cases are: Marcela Valdez de la Cruz, “disappeared”; Magno Sosa Rojas and Necias Taquiri, death threats; Ernesto Rafael Castillo Paez, “disappeared”; Dr Augusto Zuniga Paz, attacked; Angel Escobar Jurado, “disappeared”;...
Asia and the Pacific Detention

South Korea: Somiryon Artists imprisoned

Eleven members of Somiryon, the Seoul affiliate of the National Minjung Arts Movement, were arrested in March 1991. The were reportedly interrogated continuously for about 72 hours at the Hongje-dong police station and charged with activities benifitting North Korea. In July, three of them were...
Belgium Death Penalty

Death Penalty News October 1991

1. Hong Kong’s legislative council backs proposal to abolish the death penalty. 2. USSR: New laws reduce scope of death penalty. 3. Grenada: Commutations in 1983 coup case. 4. Papua New Guinea: Reintroduction of the death penalty for murder. 5. Kuwait: Death sentences commuted after international...
Asia and the Pacific Detention

South Korea: update on Pomminnyon arrests

This document updates “South Korea: Detention of Pomminnyon members” (ASA 25/21/91). The 12 people named here have been imprisoned under the National Security Law for real or alleged involvement with the dissident umbrella organization. They are: Cho Song-woo, Lee Hae-hak and Reverend Cho Yong-...