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Brazil Death Penalty

Death Penalty News: April 1991

1. Death sentences and executions in 1990. 2. USSR releases death penalty statistics. 3. International treaties. 4. Moves towards abolition: Yugoslavia, Poland, Greece. 5. Commutation and stays in USA, Jamaica. 6. Attempts to reintroduce the death penalty: Brazil, Philippines, Israel. 7. USSR:...
Malaysia Armed Conflict

Malaysia: “Rehabilitation” of communists

Amnesty International’s concern about some 100 members of the Communist Party of Malaya are being “rehabilitated” through indefinite detention without trial under the Internal Security Act is reported here. The detainees ended their 41-year-long armed struggle against the government in December...
Brazil Detention

The 78th International Labour Conference: Amnesty International’s concerns relevant to the effective implementation of International Labour Organization conventions

1. Colombia: Convention 87 (incl. killings of German Antonio Redondo and Gloria Amparo Viveros Lucumy). 2. Lesotho: Convention no. 87 (incl. arrest of five teachers’ leaders and killing of Bathobakae Mokhothu). 3. Pakistan: Convention 87 (incl. arrests of Usman Ghani, Mohammed Khan, Feroz Karim and...