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Africa Detention

Medical letter-writing action: Ethiopia: Mulugetta Mosissa, Demissie Kebede, Nagari Fayissa, Nigisti Giorgis, Abdulkadir Hassan Mohamed and Tesfa-Mariam Zeggai

The six prisoners named above are all reported to be in ill-health, some as a result of earlier ill-treatment or torture. They are, apparently, without access to adequate medical attention. Three have been adopted by AI as prisoners of conscience; the status of the others is being investigated....
Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories Armed Conflict

Israel and the Occupied Territories: Oral statement to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights on the Israeli Occupied Territories

Amnesty International’s (AI) concerns in the Occupied Territories include large scale use of detention without charge or trial, systematic ill- treatment of detainees and the killing of civilians by the security forces. Existing guidelines on the use of force, particularly those governing the...