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Bhutan Arms Trade

Weekly Update Service 05/92

1. Haiti: AI condemns US return of Haitian asylum seekers; 2. El Salvador: army officers sentenced to 30 years for killing Jesuit priests; 3. Sri Lanka: Amnesty International urges that soldiers responsible for civilian killings are brought to justice; in addition: 4. Bhutan: AI welcomes release of...
China Armed Conflict

Trade Unionists’ Action 1992

Eight appeal cases are presented here, documenting repression of people engaged in peaceful trade union activities. They are: Ali al-Mahi al-Sakhi, president of the banned Sudan Mint Workers Union, and Muawia Umran: detained incommunicado; Colombian teacher Juan Alberto Garay: found dead on 24...
Asia and the Pacific Armed Conflict

Philippines: The killing goes on

Since 1988 at least 550 unarmed people have been killed by government or government-backed forces in the Philippines. The killings occur in the context of counter-insurgency measures against armed opposition groups, e. g. the NPA, themselves responsible for human rights abuses. The victims include...