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Americas Armed Conflict

Guatemala: Targeting displaced people

Hundreds of thousands of Guatemalans, including many indigenous peasants, are believed to be currently “displaced” as a result of the conflict in the early 1980s or of alleged repression in later years. They and those working with them have themselves become a target of human rights violations by...
India Children

India: Details of deaths in custody reported since 1985

This document consists of a list of 455 people reported to have died in police or security force custody as a result of torture or ill treatment between 1 January 1985 and 1 May 1992. It updates the list which appeared as Appendix 1 in the Amnesty International report “India: Torture, rape and...
Asia and the Pacific Arms Trade

China: Repression in Tibet: appeal cases

This document contains 11 cases describing AI’s concerns about 17 people, apparently victims of human rights violations. Hundreds of Tibetans have been imprisoned since late 1987 for demonstrating in favour of independence, dozens have been killed during demonstrations and torture and ill-treatment...