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Kenya: Somalis trapped in ‘catch-22’ amid crackdown on refugees

Somali refugees and asylum-seekers living in Kenya are being trapped in a catch-22 situation by the government’s counter-terrorism crackdown, Amnesty International said as thousands of Somalis continued to be rounded up by security forces in Nairobi. Registration of Somali refugees in Kenya has...

Somali refugees unlawfully forced out of Kenya

Widespread intimidation, the abuse of human rights and the withdrawal of services are forcing Somali refugees out of Kenya, said Amnesty International in a report published today. “The environment in Kenya is now so hostile that some refugees feel they have no option but to return to Somalia where...

Mogadishu’s clean-up puts thousands of displaced at risk

Over two decades of violence, drought and famine, hundreds of thousands of people have arrived in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, where many are living in makeshift shelters. Since open warfare has decreased, and a central government has been installed, they probably thought that life would improve....

North Africa’s refugees suffer pattern of displacement

When 65-year old Amina arrived in Tunisia’s Choucha refugee camp in March this year from Tripoli, a new waiting game began for her and her family. She has spent the past two years hoping for resettlement in the US. But the recent conflict in Libya has meant that she and her family have had to...