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Arms Trade

30th Anniversary Campaign – 3rd Update (includes correction)

Kenya: Letter from the Reverend Lawford Imunde (freed); China: Liu Qing, update; Guatemala: Investigation into death of Nahaman Carmona Lopez; Turkey: Erhan Tuskan released; Israel: ‘Abd al-Ra’uf Ghabin; Ethiopia: Mulugetta Mosissa released; Sudan: Dr Ushari Ahmed Mahmoud released; Malawi: Orton...
Myanmar Arms Trade

Thailand: Concerns about treatment of Burmese refugees

This paper summarizes Amnesty International’s concerns about the arrest, detention and, in some cases, forcible return to Myanmar of Burmese asylum- seekers in Thailand. Several instances of ill-treatment of detained Burmese refugees are quoted, including one incident which resulted in the death of...
Albania Armed Conflict

Concerns in Europe November 1990 – April 1991

Amnesty International’s (AI) concerns in some 20 European countries from November 1990 through April 1991 are described in this report. They include alleged ill-treatment, sometimes amounting to torture, of detainees by police or prison staff, imprisonment of conscientious objectors to military...