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Burundi Armed Conflict

Weekly update service 47/92 (includes addition)

1. Djibouti: Amnesty International criticizes convictions by security tribunal and appeals for release of prisoners of conscience (including Ali Aref); 2. Burundi: Amnesty International calls for an end to impunity for security forces; 3. Liberia: Risk of human rights violations as conflict...
Algeria Arms Trade

Death Penalty News June 1992

1. Resumption of executions in Pakistan. 2. Algeria: Islamists condemned to death. 3. Outcry over executions in the USA. 4. European Parliament condemns executions in USA and Iran. 5. Mexican president calls for clemency for Mexican citizen abroad. 6. Jamaica: moves to limit death penalty. 7. Mali:...
East Asia Censorship and Freedom of Expression

South Korea: Statement of Amnesty International delivered at a seminar on South Korea at the European Parliament, Strasbourg, on 13 February 1992

AI’s concerns in South Korea are summarized here. Around 50 prisoners convicted of national security offences under previous governments are still imprisoned. The pattern followed by many of these cases is illustrated by reference to the case of Park Dong-oon, accused in 1981 of spying for...