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Pakistan Arms Trade

Pakistan: medical letter writing action: whipping

Amnesty International continues to be concerned about the use of whipping, both judicial and extrajudicial, in Pakistan. The organization is also concerned about the role of medical professionals in the administration of such punishment. Recent reports carried by international news agencies...
Asia and the Pacific Corporal Punishment

Singapore: Cruel punishment

This papers describes Amnesty International’s concerns about the caning of prisoners in Singapore. Two cases are described. Qwek Kee Chong was given 48 strokes of the cane on 8 April 1988: he had been convicted on four charges of armed robbery in November 1987, after pleading guilty at a trial...
Iran Armed Groups

Iran: Violations of human rights 1987 – 1990

This research paper documents violations of human rights which have taken place in Iran since 1987. It reports widespread arbitrary arrest and detention of political opponents of the regime, unfair summary trials, torture and mass execution of political prisoners and of ordinary criminals. At least...