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Burundi Armed Conflict

The Wire, April 2005. Vol. 35, No. 3.

1) Human rights crisis continues in Nepal 2) Women carry the burden in the Occupied Territories 3) Nigeria’s unheard voices: widespread violence against women in the family 4) Women confront violence in the Solomon Islands 5) A victory for international for international law – an end to the...
Armed Conflict

SVAW newsletter 06: Women under fire

This newsletter expresses concern that, far from providing protection from attackers, guns increase the risk of violence against women and, most especially, of fatal violence. Women outnumber men as the victims of murder in the family. Most meet their death at the hands of a partner or male...
Armed Conflict

The impact of guns on women’ s lives

This report looks at the impact on women of guns in the home, in communities and during and after conflict. In each of these contexts, it looks at violence committed with guns against women, the role women play in gun use, and the campaigns women are spearheading against gun violence.
Arms Trade

Women under fire [poster]

This A2 sized poster and post card are part of the Control Arms and Stop Violence Against Women campaigns by Amnesty International, Oxfam and iansa which calls for an International Arms Treaty (ATT) to regulate all international arms movements and for effective arms control at local, national and...
Iraq Armed Conflict

Iraq: Decades of suffering, Now women deserve better

Among the recommendations made in this report, Amnesty International calls on the Iraqi authorities to ensure that the new constitution and all legislation contain prohibitions on all forms of discrimination against women, and that effective measures to protect women from violence are introduced....
Armed Conflict

Women, violence and health

This paper looks at the links between violence against women and women’s health. It reviews the forms that such violence takes, including physical violence, sexual violence, psychological or emotional violence and economic or other forms of deprivation. The paper discusses the health care of...
Algeria Armed Conflict

The Wire, February 2005. Vol. 35, No.1.

1) Patterns of impunity in French police abuse 2) Refugee rights are being eroded in central Africa 3) Peace requires justice for women and girls in Liberia 4) Domestic violence rife in Russian Federation 5) Free Peru’s ‘innocent prisoners’ now 6) Worldwide appeals: USA: Guantánamo detainee must be...
Afghanistan Armed Conflict

No turning back – full implementation of women’s human rights now! 10 year review and appraisal of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action

In this document Amnesty International focuses on four of the 12 Critical Areas of Concern of the Platform for Action: Violence against women, Women and armed conflict, Women and health, and Women’s human rights. Within each of these areas, AI highlights specific situations where women’s human...