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Egypt Detention

Eritrean asylum-seekers face deportation from Egypt

A group of up to 104 Eritrean asylum-seekers held in a detention facility in Sinai in Egypt are at risk of imminent deportation to Eritrea. If returned, they are likely to be held incommunicado in inhumane conditions for long periods of time. The group is believed to comprise 78 men, 23 women,...
Algeria Death Penalty

Growing calls for end to executions at UN

Over one hundred countries voted overwhelmingly in favour of a second resolution on “Moratorium on the use of the death penalty” at the United Nations (UN) on Thursday. The resolution reaffirms last year’s UN General Assembly call for a moratorium on executions. 106 states supported the resolution,...
Egypt Human Rights Defenders and Activists

Emergency court jails 22 in Egypt

Twenty-two people were sentenced on Monday by an emergency court in Egypt for their involvement in the violent protests of Mahalla, north of Cairo, in April 2008. The Emergency Supreme State Security Court (ESSSC), which was established under emergency law, flouts basic guarantees for a fair trial...
Egypt Censorship and Freedom of Expression

Prominent Egyptian editor pardoned

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has pardoned newspaper editor, Ibrahim Eissa, who was charged with publishing information considered by the authorities to be “damaging to the public interest and Egypt’s national stability.” Ibrahim Eissa’s initial six-month prison sentence was reduced to two...

Egypt continues to deport Eritrean asylum-seekers

Reports indicate that the Egyptian authorities have deported some 700 Eritrean asylum-seekers to Massawa in Eritrea, on special daily Egypt Air flights from Aswan International airport since 11 June. Up to 900 others are at risk of deportation. Hundreds are apparently detained at Central Security...
Egypt Unlawful Killings

Two more migrants killed at Egypt/Israel border

Two men believed to be from Côte d’Ivoire were shot dead by Egyptian security forces while trying to cross into Israel on Thursday. These latest killings bring the number of African migrants killed this year to 10. On 10 March and 18 March, a Sudanese man and Eritrean woman were killed in similar...
Egypt Justice Systems

Another migrant shot dead at Egypt/Israel border

Egyptian security forces shot dead a woman trying to cross into Israel on Saturday. The woman who is believed to be an Eritrean in her 30s is the second woman to be killed this month. She was among a group of 10 Eritrean migrants attempting to cross the border into Israel.   A total of […]
Egypt Justice Systems

Migrant shot dead trying to cross Egypt/Israel border

Egyptian security forces shot dead a Sudanese man trying to cross into Israel on Tuesday. A total of five African migrants have now been killed crossing the border so far this year. Security officials said 50-year-old Ermeniry Khasheef was shot in the back after he ignored orders to stop as he...