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Cambodia Disappearances

“Disappearances” and political killings: human rights crisis of the 1990s: a manual for action (pre-publication version) – Chapter G-6: Action through the United Nations and regional institutions

This chapter of a forthcoming major AI report, together with Chapter G-2, shows how the UN and other intergovernmental organizations approach the problem of “disappearances” and extrajudicial executions, and examines the international human rights standards and the procedures and mechanisms for...
Pakistan Armed Conflict

Weekly update service 64/93

1. Somalia: Amnesty International concerned at killings of civilians by United Nations peacekeeping troops. 2. Sierra Leone: Amnesty International calls on government to review cases of political detainees and to end abuses by military forces
Africa Armed Conflict

Somalia: A human rights disaster

This report describes human rights violations of concern to AI in the 18 months of civil war and violence which have followed the ending of the brutal regime of President Siad Barre. The abuses take place in a context of armed conflict among warring clans, political and economic collapse, drought...
Argentina Detention

Conscientious objection to military service

This report summarizes Amnesty International’s concerns regarding conscientious objection in 23 countries as of January 1991 (in a few cases as of February 1991). It updates the report “Conscientious objection to military service”, May 1988 (POL 31/01/88). There are two annexes: Annex 1 gives...