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Iraq Press Freedom

Iraq/KRI: Free Journalist Qahraman Shukri

Security forces in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KR-I) arrested journalist Qahraman Shukri on 27 January 2021. On 23 June 2021, the Duhok Criminal Court sentenced him to seven years in prison following a grossly unfair, secret trial. Before his arrest, Qahraman Shukri’s journalism work was critical...
Iran Death Penalty

Iran: Drug-related executions surging in Iran

Fears are mounting that thousands of people have been sentenced to death and are at risk of execution or are facing investigations or prosecution on capital drug-related offences, amid a horrific surge in executions in Iran. In 2023, at least 481 people were executed for drug-related offences –...
Saudi Arabia Censorship and Freedom of Expression

Saudi Arabia: Manifesto for Repression: Saudi Arabia’s Forthcoming Penal Code Must Uphold Human Rights in Line with International Law and Standards

Amnesty International’s analysis of an alleged leaked draft of the penal code shows how it codifies existing repressive practices that have allowed for the imprisonment of dissidents, as well as inhumane practices such as the death penalty. The draft code criminalizes acts of speech that are...