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Africa Armed Conflict

Democratic Republic of the Congo: The government must provide unhindered movement to the UN Expert Team mandated to collect and preserve evidence on the Kasai crisis

The Human Rights Council (‘the Council’) has adopted a resolution requesting the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to dispatch a team of international experts to collect and preserve information, and to determine the facts and circumstances concerning alleged human rights violations...
Mali Armed Groups

Mali: Violations and abuses as instability spreads: Amnesty International submission for the UN Universal Periodic Review, 29th Session of the UPR Working Group, January 2018

Since the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Mali in 2013, instability has spread from the north to the centre of the country, with a growing number of armed groups carrying out attacks. The state of emergency, first imposed in November 2015, has been repeatedly extended, most recently in April...
Somalia Child Soldiers

Somalia: Amnesty International welcomes commitments to protect internally displaced persons and child soldiers and urges Somalia to ratify key international human rights instruments

Human Rights Council adopts Universal Periodic Review outcome on Somalia. Amnesty International welcomes Somalia’s acceptance of recommendations to protect the human rights of internally displaced persons (IDPs), to end the use of child soldiers, and to implement a zero tolerance policy on gender...